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Playgroup Curriculum

At Creative Kidz Pre School Hastinapuram Playgroup / Pre Nursery Program is holistic, child-centric and an age appropriate  curriculum that focuses on developing children's communication and language skills, creative  expressions, physical abilities and well-being, personal, emotional and social development.

Playgroup / Pre Nursery Curriculum Focus Areas 

• Communication and language skills. 

• Developing multiple intelligence (Logic, Word,  Nature, People, and Picture).

• Physical skill development and well-being. 

• Personal, Emotional and social development. 

• Sensorial, ideas of exploration and investigating the world around them

• Forming relationships and connecting with the environment.

Nursery Curriculum

At Creative Kidz Pre School Hastinapuram Nursery Program takes on a cognitive, constructive and skills developing approach and  thus our curriculum emphasizes on active child-centered learning experiences. The  curriculum centres on children’s interests, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge,  which leads to experiences in exploration, investigations, discovery and active hands-on  explorations.

Curriculum Focus Areas 

• The program reinforces upon children’s increasing competencies in language as a tool  for learning and communications. 

• Reading, phonetics and numeracy skills are introduced to promote the child’s  emergent capacity of acquiring skills. 

• Expectations for personal and social development continue to be prioritized, resulting  in even greater autonomy and independence, enhanced self-help skills, self concept, and confidence.

Junior KG/PP1 Curriculum

At Creative Kidz Pre School Hastinapuram Junior KG / Kindergarten 1 children are more confident and articulate in using language  in expressing and presenting their ideas. So this curriculum actively promotes purposeful  vocabulary, reading and writing experiences through integrated learning experiences and  projects. Children gain a better understanding of numeracy and mathematical concepts.  Exposure to technology, awareness of environment and community, and physical skills are  more enhanced and sophisticated in this stage of learning. 


Curriculum Focus Areas 

• Cognitive development, acquisition of skills and concepts are actively promoted.

• Higher understanding of numeracy and mathematical concepts. 

• Enhanced awareness of environment, community and physical skills. 

• Personal and social development continues to be emphasized upon.

Senior KG/PP2 Curriculum

At Creative Kidz Pre School Hastinapuram Senior KG / Kindergarten 2 Curriculum children are now more proficient in  communication, reading and writing, and use these skills as a means to present ideas and  knowledge as a tool for learning content, concepts and skills. They begin to develop a greater  perspective and appreciation of large-scale environmental and community issues. With  increased social and emotional maturity, children continue to work collaboratively in projects,  engaged in critical thinking and meaningful explorations of ideas and concepts through  problem solving, inquiry, investigations, and research at this stage of learning.


Curriculum Focus Areas 

• Children are independent, confident, articulate and creative thinkers who are  appreciative of the world – and equipped with the life skills and attitudes that  are prerequisites for school readiness and life success. 

• Concepts through problem solving, inquiry, investigations, and research.

• Personal, Emotional and social development. 

• With an increased social and emotional maturity, children continue to work  collaboratively in projects, engaging in critical thinking and exploration.

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